Serious DIY-Mode

If you're a homeowner (or even a very invested home-renter), you know home improvements and projects never really end. By the time you are happy with a room, a chair, a paint color, a rug or a flower bed, you have either already changed your mind OR something has broken and needs to be fixed.

Over the past couple of months, we have been in serious DIY mode (well, we always kind of are but this time it is REALLY serious). You have not heard from us in a while because we are currently in the middle of several major home improvement undertakings. Now, I do not want to spoil the outcomes of some of these projects by posting prematurely so,  this post is just to inform you that yes, we are still alive and no, we have not moved out of the mansion. Our current projects have not only kept us very busy but have also provided us with several new adventures and as always, a few lessons learned.

Stay tuned for what are sure to be either delightful or disastrous DIY adventures at the "mansion"....