The Front Yard

Upon arrival to our new house, we noticed that there was plenty to be done in the front yard. The rehab team had done a wonderful job grading and planting, but had left us with a pretty blank canvas for our own design and tastes.  Chris, being the talented landscaper he is, added more azaleas and planted more grass.  He has also planted a variety of flowers in the front yard, making it a perfect picture in the spring time.

< Here is a photo of our adorable house, before it was so adorable. This is what it looked like before it was restored. We've often wished our walls could talk but sometimes I am so glad they can't. Talk about a "fixer upper".

Here is a photo of the yard, after it was rehabbed. This is before we really added anything.

And here is a post-landscaping shot. We have two small blooming cherry trees in the yard, so in the spring time, we have gorgeous cherry blossom. In the winter, we usually have pansies...although Thomas (the pig) tends to want to eat them.  We also added a porch swing and rocking chairs to the front porch, making it a perfect place to sit on a summer evening.

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